The 2017 Pre Mortem Follow up

Looking into my dark future it is the time I make decisions regarding my personality now in order to prevent it from ever happening.

So Let’s start with the 20kg fat gain.

If I am to fail at this goal, it would entail me doing the same things which I have done this year: eat shitty foods, watch too many movies, not leave my room enough, and drink as much as I wanted, which was a bottle a day for months.

The main personality traits which enabled this are a lack of discipline, a lack of purpose, and not sticking to what I say. To remove these obstacles I have to begin undergoing the 30 days of discipline program. Next, I have my well-established purpose and I need to begin to take actions towards it. Every action is in continual fulfillment of my purpose. To stick to what I say, I need to create a set of daily habits which fit into the grand scheme of what I want and my desires. Continually reviewing my habits and how they are contributing to my purpose is key

If I am to fail medical school the main problems I talked about were, focusing on building a social group, not have a study group, and renewing my Netflix subscription. Once again this comes down to discipline, developing it will be key to my endeavors for 2017. The personality trait which would destroy my life in terms of a social circle is that I follow. This trait can be encompassed in another essay however the topic needs to be addressed. Instead of following I need to drive and drive to my purpose. Building a social circle around my goals instead of simply building for the sake of building. The right people will come along when I need them.

In business, the main failure seems to arise from me not spending my money wisely and spending it how I have spent it in the past. To change this I am adopting the habit of only using paper money. This means I have to be more frugal with how I spend, I do not have access to more funds than I have (no credit card), and I can physically see the money in front of me. The other failure I can forsee is if I am not regular with my posts on this blog or with my other side hustles. Consistency means habits and organizing life around these habits instead of “going with the flow”. It means placing a greater value onto my purpose than to myself. My happiness is simple, and my purpose is completely separate.

That is part two to my 2017 PreMortem. If anything else comes up I’ll add.

I think I have come up with something revolutionary for the future of Nice Guy Thrive.

Act to Thrive,

Jackson King

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