Who is JK?

I am a bored motherfucker 90% of the day so I decided to fill up my time writing stories until they go from being incoherent mush to valuable articles of information, hilarity, and enjoyment.

My purpose in life: to inspire others through the application of art to business and science. What does that mean? I am making your life better, each and every day. I am working to help y’all out and it makes me the happiest motherfucker on the planet. Even if you hate it.

I am in medical school, writing every day (either here or on Medium), posting to a YouTube channel, IG, Twitter and a Tumblr (which is 18+ because it is almost impossible to convey the ideas in my head without breasts). I tried Snapchat and it isn’t really my bag.

I’m getting fit, getting rich, getting woke and never stopping, ever.

This blog was started in 2016 with the goal of helping other men. I decided to ditch that and instead am turning it into gold from 2017-2027. Pay attention, read up, check it out, click around, get amongst it and be prepared for some quality writing. Mostly journal posts, advice, realizations, and art to the highest degree.

Every day is a new story.

Act to Thrive Gentlemen,

Jackson King.