An Approach to the 23rd Year Of Life

This year I am going to show you rather than tell you. It isn’t going to be a year of action rather than intention.

First Step: Writing my prosperity plan for when I turn 24. Writing a monthly goals checklist. Writing a daily habit tracker.

Second Step: Writing a journal entry everyday of what I did that day and what I failed to do and how I am going to change that.

Third Step: Continue the progress. And achieve for the sake of achievement.

At this current crossroads in my own state of enlightenment I have two choices: Live in Bliss or re-enter the world to join the cycle. So to travel the second route I reenter the blog. To contribute to the life which is all going somewhere. And with the belief that if I live well, if I live properly, life is more than worth it.

My Prosperity Plan, for the next year.

The Ideal Day to Move Towards.

I wake up at 0600-0700 with a sense of drive which encompasses every fibre of my being. I feel on purpose because I am interacting greatly with the world nad entrenched in the dance of life. I check my phone with a few text from beautiful women and friends asking to hang out and asking how I am. I ship off my SnapChat streak pictures to Abi, Mathu, and Juvan. I get outside and get a workout or do my basic stretches. I meditate for an hour before heading to showers and doing my morning routine. I look to the heavens and smile at the body I have created through the Precision Nutrition meals and workout program. I eat a bomb ass breakfast and text a beautiful personality girl for dinner plans later in the week, or later tonight.

I head to the hospital and fulfil my duties for medical school. I answer the questions the doctors ask of me and feel healthy and active. I am able to take the few failures and shortcomings in stride and learn how to become a better doctor day by day and a become a better person as a result. For lunch, I find a quiet moment in the garden and grab an excellent meal which I prepared over the past weekend. It is full of flavour and full of positive energy, something I can be happy eating for the rest of my life. I respond to a few e-mails regarding my business which I have made efficient via 4 Hour WorkWeek suggestions and outsourcing.

I return to the hospital to fulfil my duties, full of positive energy from the healthy food I just ate. I complete the work and shift efficiently and well and am able to contribute to the discussions and ideas of the group. Next, I return to Rotary and prep for the workout for the day. I head to the gym and finish full of energy and pump. After the end, I return to Rotary and cook up a good meal for the night, and I text a girl or two about a Netflix and Chill session later that night. Then I return to my room to do some awesome writing and comic creation. Today is a completion day so I ship the first draft of the comics to a few trusted editors and mentors which have a look and send back suggestions. I quickly talk to the leader of my team in charge of StoryNotes Inc. to ensure everything is going well, and general morale is positive.

I then return to studying and head to one of my many study spots on campus to complete the work I have been assigned in medical school. I do the studying and create notes which I am insanely proud of and in addition come out with a few new ideas for StoryNotes Inc. I check my phone and message back a few friends, girls, and send e-mails to mentors, teachers, and professors, to ensure I stick to a 4 e-mails per day quota. I return home to a clean room and dinner prepared earlier that week. A meal of some sort of organic meat and vegetables cooked in lard or butter. After the nourishing meal, I message a girl and head over to her room on campus to play a few video games and “chill”. The discussions are very surface level but the dance is extraordinary. We constantly mentally and physically tease each other towards our own bliss. The general feel of the room is electric and we both leave the encounter fulfilled and energetically whole. I lose none of my essential essences. I head back to my room, have 1-2 facetime conversations with my mentee’s back in Canada. I am able to help them with any questions they have  or if not I am able to put them into contact with someone that can give them the best advice. I help ensure they are approaching their goals and direct them with my own personal life experiences. I do this not for emotional gain but for the general desire to help those whom want to be on the same journey that I am on.

I end the day by doing a nighttime routine with a quick 5-minute meditation, reading a book, and a facial scrub, and regular body maintenance. I say my nightly prayers of gratitude and express it to the universe for all of its blessing and feel at peace with everything.

The duality in my soul, the profound peace within myself and a steady income (no matter how small) assure me I am on the path to complete integration. I fall asleep around 0000-0200.

Tomorrow comes this months goals checklist.

Act to Thrive,

Jackson King

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