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I Want to Live.

This is a post started on the first day of September 2016 and I don’t know when I will publish it but it is a story of the moment when I realized that I want to live.  Thoughts of suicide have consumed my mind 3-5 times throughout my life. It is scary when you ...continue

Toronto v Everybody

The 2 most recent activities I recall is my cousin and I watching the Leafs v Avalanche game from the box seats. Then a moment with a friend drinking at a bar in Toronto. He said something which bothered me at the time but recently just became insanely clear. The words he said was “Toronto ...continue


Business insiders will always tell you one thing: take the risk, make the jump, and if you die, you die valiantly. Family and people that care about you say to play it safe, have a backup plan, and really consider your life before making the jump or taking too many chances. I say something different ...continue

4 Cats

4 Beautiful women enter the door. The rest of the world just fades. I turn on. The party has begun and the world comes into focus around me. I am getting really good at this. The fact that they are beautiful makes it all easier. The fact that it is tangible is…. different. It’s new. I ...continue

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