Cougar Town Lessons: Don’t Drink

There comes a moment in every man’s life when he must decide that his old ways are over and he must shed his skin to move into the newest stages of his life. This happened to me as I watched Cougar Town and realized I have recently been experiencing what they spoke about all those years ago.

In this one episode of cougar town (I can’t be fucked to go back and re-read all the episode summaries), Grayson, Bobby, and Andy are talking about how they used to be able to drink one day and go out and party the next as if it was nothing. Now they required weeks to get over one night of drinking. It seemed a little far fetched to me but it was starting to make more and more sense the more I drank. In my first years of uni, I could drink for a week straight. No issue. After I drank this new year, I was out for a week afterward. I went out on Friday, it’s Monday now and I am still sick.

It sucks but it tells me one thing. My 22-year-old body is aging too quickly. And I need to allow it to heal and return to the normal progression. I need to stop killing myself.

The week long recoveries will become month long recoveries. And eventually, year long hazes which cannot be explained. If I was going to get drunk and enjoy that, the time for it has passed. Allow that part of me to die peacefully instead of keeping it alive on life support to relive those lost memories. It’s over. There is no magical land of cougar town where things are perfect and we can recover and go about our daily lives.

This is reality and I have a lot of shit to accomplish. I am alive! It’s time to enjoy the dance instead of remembering how awesome the dance was a long time ago.

Act to Thrive,

Jackson King.

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