Dark Knight Rises: The Importance of Evil

Not very often do we come across a movie franchise which changes the entire genre. For superhero movies, The Dark Knight was the one movie. It introduced the possibilities for a villain storyline otherwise left to the imagination. Before the Dark Knight, the best superhero movie I watched was Spiderman with Toby McGuire. The villain was more of a “he swallowed up smoke and now he’s crazy and needs money type”. In the Dark Knight, we had a dynamic, evil, vindictive, purposeless villain which was hellbent on destroying the planet. He had no superpowers, he was just pure e-vil.

But the lesson of the franchise (there are many) which I want to discuss today is further exemplified in The Dark Knight Rises. Bane is the evil Batman. He was stronger, faster, and awe-inspiring. He shook you to your core and tore you apart. The lesson that he taught was:

Evil is necessary. It’s destruction and proper examination, is the key to making jumps in life

It wasn’t until batman defeated Bane did he quit his old life, and leave it all behind for the next generation to take over. Through conquering his greatest evil (inside and outside of himself) was he able to progress and move forward.

In my life, I have deemed many things as evil. My parents, people in my class which made fun of me, and more recently myself included. “If only I could get out of my own way, then I can finally start to succeed. If my parents weren’t so controlling I could get a job and start to work.” Only after I conquering all of that can I progress.

Until now, I have always assumed that the way to conquer evil is to leaving it behind and do well without anyone’s help. Leaving myself behind and allowing my weaker self to die. Then I moved on to doing well, in spite of the evil. Keep it all with me but put myself into positions to thrive, and push the evil aside as it comes up.

We must realize that many times in life we will be the evil for someone else. We will be the one that is tearing someone down. The destroyers, which came to build the world anew. Uber is awesome, but to the taxi industry, it is evil. They say you should hug your haters, and I agree. The people that copy you, that attack you, and try to destroy you are the ones who need hugs the most.

Now I have realized my path to greatness is to do better than myself, not to leave an evil behind. Instead of using hate as a type of fuel I need to use love as the weapon to transport me to my highest self. Hate is like using a dirty fuel. It works for a while but eventually, you need a new thing to hate. You are at the mercy of the object you hate. It is like our reliance on gasoline, we are at the mercy of the universes gas supply. Until we learn to fuel ourselves cleanly we can only get as far as gasoline allows us. In the same way, to run our lives we need a clean fuel, for the time being, my fuel is purpose and love.

Evil is necessary, for without it there is no way to jump to the next level. There is no challenge and there is no way to progress. We need evil to have something to conquer. And at times we may be surprised to know that we are the source of evil for some.  So the next time you face an evil or when you face a battle where you aren’t improving, attack it head on. Never forgetting the importance of it in your life.

Act to Thrive,

Jackson King.

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