Day 3 Reset and Reflection

So why am I back at day 3? What the fuck happened bro? Where are the next steps?

Now this next fact is going to sound fucked up, and without the context which comes afterward you’re going to miss the whole point of the article, so make sure you read the full thing. Without leaving you hanging and waiting for the potential life ending statement: I get A LOT more work done, and find it a lot easier to be motivated when I am in the presence of beautiful women.

When I’m studying, I get more done when a cute girl (a 6 minimum) is sitting across the table from me. At the gym, seeing cute girls that I know makes me lift more and gives me more air to get the shit done. List more.

I think this is the real reason men, alpha men, really powerful men, have girlfriends. It has everything to do with getting more done. It has nothing to do with love, nothing to do with having someone at home to cook and clean for you or someone to come home to. It is about a direct tap into the sexual energy of the universe and transmutation of that energy into creating mass monuments of splendor into the finite realm.

It’s about creating a beautiful body, through the motivation of a beautiful woman watching you through the corner of her eye. It’s about seeing the other men and competing with them for the heaviest lift and the longest set. It’s a glorious competition among bros that women will never be able to understand.

So now we come to my dilemma: the complete removal of all sexual desires. A prayer I have had for a little less than a year has finally been answered. Heres the thing: I asked God (the metaphorical God, which is myself (a post for Day 30)) for the complete relief of all of my sexual desires. So I can focus on work and the grind. And now that they are being relieved my ego wishes to keep them alive. They are what keep me in the repetitive cycle of no effort and no tangible rewards. The true fear isn’t what will happen when I no longer he true fear isn’t what will happen when I no longer

The true fear isn’t  the question of what will happen when I am no longer being driven by sexual desires, it is the fear of the unknown. Because I have no clue how I will feel towards women now. I have no clue if their presence will motivate me anymore. What will I be motivated by? Will I exit the realm of mortal men? What will become of my desires for fitness, giving others pleasure, finding peace, building big business, and being a role model for the youth? Those may be there or may not, I am now driving into the realm of lifestyle transformation, look at the rearview mirror.

So now we wait.

The seeds have been planted. The tree is GROWING HOMIE. The sexual urges melt away through the magic of Our Lord and Saviour. What the replacement of sexual urges will be is exciting. I can’t wait to see what happens. Because even now, death continues to be a sweet sweet sorrow.

Write to me when you can.

Yours Truly,

Jackson King

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