Day 4: For the People That Love Me.

Enter Arvin.

So this guy has been my friend since the beginning. Through all of it. Through the highs and the lows. So I have his back no matter what. I just want to say that nigga: you are a part of the energy that I put into the life I live. You have me 100% as long as you are all for me.

I’m going to be honest: the only people that I cared about was family. But that was a long time ago. I would do anything to ensure the safety of the family that kept our group afloat for 100’s of years. They are my 100%. You, my bro, pushed that boundary. Akshay 6face was the first person I connected to outside of family. He was the man that redefined reality for me (and to be honest I doubt you knew it). Now I know.

This is about the rest of life too. I want those that were in my life to be happy. I want them to move on and know the joy they can feel. True joy has nothing to do with intention and everything to do with your true nature. If you’re happy, stay happy and do what you do. If you aren’t message me, bc the Lord knows, I can make you happier than you have ever known before.

Fight the good fight. Let go of those that don’t matter, let go of the opportunities that seem easy, and put effort into those that matter. Forget anything outside my truest desires, Fight for what’s right. Not for what’s around. So now I continue on my journey and focus on the group that matters most: my family.

Peace and love.

Always yours,

Jackson King

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