A Dedication to my Boy: The Importance of Old Friends& Growth Hacking Myself

The magic of this man is that he is motivation in a fucking glass. I refuse to believe anything less and everything more and in this journey through life. It’s like I am Ragnar and he is Athelstan. It’s like we are the opposites that launch each other into superstardom in both of our fields. That is the power of an age old friendship. That is the power of making connections early and maintaining them. And he introduced me to a very basic idea which is dictating the rest of 2017: growth hacking.

Ben-y Boy. @onemanoneinsta. The man of the hour. The man that I could count on no matter what. After a huge blow to who I am I began to see nothingness and myself as a huge failure. He helped me up and gave me the best advice out of everyone, including parents and mentors:

“Whatever you do man, make sure it’s the best for you”

And I have chosen the best for me. I was orginally going to make this post about you my brother but it wouldnt be true to me if I didnt convolute it to make it something about myself. My “plan” for the future is to growth hack the entire year into 4 main areas:

  • Medical School
  • Blogging and the lifestyle transformation
  • A Youtube Channel
  • Foreign Exchange

Approach each area as if it is my last and go after all 4 at once over a year. Then whichever area is paying the most dividends I double down on in the future. This is going to be a fucking interesting year.

Act to Thrive,

Jackson King

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