Do we Really Know What is Good For Ourselves?

I walk around every day trying to find a magical key or a tip or a trick to living a better life. To help others achieve what they want. To help people to see that they can truly achieve anything they want if they work hard at it. But who am I to say what is good for you?

Who am I to claim that doing a certain program, or reading a certain book, or that certain ideas, if implemented into your head strategically or at the right time can launch you into a new world of thinking? That listening to me can create a new environment from which ideas and knowledge spring forth like newly tapped oil wells. I am a nobody to your mind’s development.

However, if we accept this previous paradigm we are left with the question “who can I listen to?” or “Who can I learn from?”. I leave this to my higher self or God as some people would like to call it. I am the only one who truly knows what is good for myself. I know where my flaws and shortcoming are.

Although some people can make broad stroke realizations about why people do the things they do (childhood trauma and the like) nobody knows that you were bullied in Grade 2. The book writers don’t know the feeling of YOUR broken heart when you would borrow $20 from your mom just to give it to them. So you would feel some sort of connection in a world which wanted you to feel alone. You know the experience and you are the one that has to revisit it. And you are the only one that can fix it.

Welcome to true self-improvement.

Act to Thrive,

Jackson King

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