Elevation Asthma

Elevation AsthmaI have a disease that decides to only show up at the worst time

Asthma that shows up near the top of the mountain AKA elevation asthma. When it’s time to look out over the beautiful landscape from the top of some million year old pyramids, I get light headed, dizzy, and I need more water than a fish.

Right at the pinnacle of any success I expect a dose of elevation asthma. I get light headed, weak, dizzy, and tired. But now I have my emotional inhaler: a repertoire of motivational phrases, words of wisdom, and memories from a life lived to the max to remove all symptoms.

Elevation asthma has actually become an aid in recent times. Whenever I get an attack, I know I am near the top. I need to top up my inhaler full, and never stop moving.

Act to Thrive,


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