An Exploration in Compulsive Creativity

For my entire life I have always been searching and looking for something to pour my heart and soul out into. I tried starting a blog and it was fun, then I went to watching movies, creating a lot of fucking work, trying to teach medicine and healthcare, looking for an eComm business to start and now I think I am on to something a bit better and more in line with what I like but have been too scared to start.


I have been journalling since I was a kid and for the entire period, I personally believe that journalling has truly been the key which has changed my life for the better. Through writing and expressing my ideas I have come to rewriting my past, removing roadblocks which have been in my way and facing the past and the moments which most people would fear to walk into. It has been a thorough analysis of my life and what has gone wrong and what has gone right.

It has become an analysis on why people do the things they do and also how to fix my problems, answers from within.

So now I think, more than anything, that journalling is a key to unlocking your true self. To discovering your true desires and becoming the best version of yourself overall. To unlock the secrets of the universe. And finally to realizing the answers which you had within yourself all along. That’s the power of journaling and that’s what I want to do.

Take it Easy,

Jackson King

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