Imagine if I did this for the past 10 years

Dear Readers,

I came across a very deep and profound realization today, that the time will pass anyway. Well, to be honest, I have told this story to a million people, but I have yet to write it for you. So I am on this plane and a group of us get to talking and a woman tells us a story about her mother that decided to enter law school at the age of 60. Most of her family brought up the obvious fact that she would be 68- 70 by the time she finished and she always had the same response: I am going to be 70 anyway. So I took that to heart, however, it has not really greatly impacted my life that greatly at all, until now.

I have been eating very healthy and working moderately hard at my studies for the past week. I just thought to myself: why am I doing all of this work? It doesn’t truly matter in the end. All goals when followed to their source lead to floating foundations of nothingness (that is of courseĀ unless you place your faith in a magic man in the sky). In the reality which this human beingĀ is experiencing, the “time” will pass anyway. And if previous experience has taught me anything, it is that it is better to pass the time doing some awesome shit rather than sitting on my ass waiting for something to happen.

See the problem comes to us that we have no reason to be here. And although we can understand everything else, in very great detail if we choose to find ourselves within that undertaking, we can never truly understand ourselves. As Alan Watts puts it as a knife cannot cut itself and a fire cannot burn itself the Godhead cannot truly ever be a product of its own knowledge. So we are left with the thoughts forever floating within our minds, and we place attention towards whatever he happens to focus on.

But enough of that. We can not truly ever understand what cannot be understood.

So I am sitting here thinking: what if I did what I wanted to be doing for the past 10 years? What if I took all of the chances? What if I went to the gym and ate all the healthy foods and followed through on ANY of the business ideas? What is needed is a set of well-defined goals and the steps each day which is going to lead to the achievement of that goal. And the constant reminder that if I did what I am doing now for the past 10 years I would be in a completely different place.

Drop all that’s unnecessary, effort to the front, and full speed ahead.

Yours truly,

Jackson King.

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