I would like to make a formal apology.

Hello to my dearest readers. It seems I have taken a small detour on my path to achievement and fulfilling my purpose to you and the world. I have failed everyone. I have strayed grievously about the coasts of men. I have seen the things offered on the other side and as a result have lost myself on this journey. I have destroyed myself on this journey that is nowhere near my gift.

This isn’t who I am, nor who I want to be. This isn’t the work I wanted to do. And this isn’t flow. To create my divine purpose and put forth my dreams and aspirations. I refuse to write down my goals, I will only act to further my dreams and fulfill my art.

This is an apology to all that have read this and all that are going to read this in the future. Who have read through my first set of posts and are trying to make sense of how such a competent writer came about from creating something so mediocre and confusing. This is one of my first works of art. The first things which I produced in scale. The first things I produced to get my work going and to get life flowing all around me.

To get into the flow state.

So I am still working on creating my art and creating the snippets of motivation and excitement that we all desire and need. I will also have a minor focus on creating a YouTube channel, on providing value via my Instagram, and continuously networking and making something out of myself. Allowing the universe to take heed and to allow my muses and the angels and God to use me as the tool for their art.

Eternity is in love with the creations of time

And that is what I am here for and that is what I am all about. For we are everything. We are the entire universe. Me, sitting alone in my room, waiting for the muse and life and the legend to take over and I am falling more and more in love with it each and everyday. From 6AM to 5PM I am focused in on classes, lessons, and getting into the rhythm which is required of me each and everyday. The moment I clock out, and the “Your Freedom Session is over” notification comes up, I get right into the true grind.

To the reason that I exist on this planet.

To create.

Act to Thrive Gentlemen,

Jackson King

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