My Own Little Fuck-it Theorem

Who else remembers the blogs of the past? Where an angry teenager would access the internet and post about her day in anger when some guy in her class talked about her crush to the whole school. Or about the time when a guy called a girl a lesbian and I had no idea what it meant, so I looked it up in the dictionary. It was good shit, fun to read, had no message behind it, and was written for the simple goal to entertain. We just wanted to write good shit, make people laugh, and connect us to the inner thoughts of the other in our lives. A small reminder that the popular kids, the jocks, the losers, and the stoners all had the same things on their minds: to be accepted, to want to express themselves, and a strong angst for wanting to leave the system behind and start anew. So now I am in a stage of my life called “fuck-it”.

Fuck trying to educate men about the problems of being a man. Fuck trying to go out of my way to teach random people about how to grow as a person, how to access higher levels of consciousness, how to manipulate your body and how awesome it is going to be when you’re ripped. None of that shit ever works. Literally almost never.

You show a guy a picture of a body that took 10 years to build, next to a girl that spends 2 hours moisturizing her skin every-day, and he says it’s all genetics and continues to eat his pizza waiting to watch some free porn or the newest TV show.

You know what changes the world? Something deep inside of you that you either have or you don’t. Some people are just good at leadership shit. They can work out for hours at a time at the gym. They are able to have the charisma to lead, or they are able to develop it. Some people just aren’t guys. That’s the way it is. All the self-help and

All the self-help and improvement stuff is an industry that tries to make money off of this fact.

Self-help will change the lives of those whose lives are capable of change.

Now, you CAN go from nobody to somebody. You can come up with an idea, work hard at it, learn about entrepreneurship, work out, learn to be charismatic, inspire others, be a source of positive change in the world, etc BUT you need to be the person capable of all of that in the first place.

So instead of writing all of this motivational bullshit, I am going to flow with reality. Make the impact swimming with the river in the day to day battles which encompass our daily lives. Forget about trying to change lives, and help people genuinely feel good about themselves. Tell a good story and focus on making life better not just pushing people towards a state of self improvement they do not desire.

Peace and Love.

Jackson King

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