Live Like you Have to Earn Each Day

Imagine waking up in the morning and you were given a task each day. Just 2 steps and it was the same every time:

  1. Find out what you are meant to do
  2. Do it.

And each day, your progress into the next day depended on the fulfillment of those two tasks. And most of all, it wasn’t another ethereal being which decided whether or not you had earned your tomorrow, but yourself. YOU decide whether you earned to be alive the next day. Not by the words you say but by how you feel. That feeling in your gut that you get when you think about doing something but don’t.

When you know you should, but you fail. Or conversely, the feeling in your gut when you do something you have been working an entire lifetime for. You feel good, you act good, and if you meet your own standards by the end of the day, you know youll be alive tomorrow. Otherwise, looks like you screwed up your one opportunity.

Now, this wouldn’t mean working hard every single day of your life. It would mean that when you did take a break, you truly believed you deserved it or needed it. Enough so that you feel good at the end of your day and can sleep knowing you’ve earned another day of being human. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t “deserve” a Big Mac combo as much if that was the case.

Living like this means giving it your all. Going after what is good and right.

Life on that planet would depend on people doing what they believed in their heart of hearts to be right. And it isn’t to say we would get more accomplished, we would just be out of the bed more. We wouldn’t be so sedentary and complacent. We wouldn’t be so easy to control. Because we wouldn’t have something that people could take away.

The little voice in your head saying, “If you go to the gym, people might make fun of you”. Would be shut down with a swift “ARE YOU SERIOUS, who cares about what people think? If I don’t maintain my health, I can’t fight hard tomorrow, and I might not earn a day after tomorrow”

Imagine living a life based on the premise that life would be less worthwhile if you didn’t give it your all every day. You’d have to work, be honest with yourself about your health and consciously make a change when you saw you were heading down the wrong path. Scary right? Maybe that’s why some people decide to die each and every single day.

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