Not Falling From Grace

       There is a constant struggle in all of us to do our best at all times, but there becomes a failure when we try our very hardest to achieve something only to fall back onto old temptation. And falling on the temptation we cut off everything from our lives, isolate ourselves, and wait. Wait for the need to pass, wait for the pain of failing to erase from our memories or wait for someone to save us.

       We are inherently weak and we come to realize it. And as we have done in the past we try to ignore the problem. But at this stage it is impossible not to look at it. Our awareness has grown and it is not a passing emotion like it was in youth. It stays there, and it is obvious. you can turn your head away, but like a rabbit with its vision, your mind with its awareness is 360. Hindsight is 20/20.

       And the only offence is a good offence. Because defenders aren’t at the slot machine to score the tremendous touchdowns triumphantly.

       The fight to not fall from grace seems as important as the fight to achieve greatly. But in achieving greatly we automatically avoid the slippery slopes. By climbing the mountain we avoid sliding down. By living in the hustle, people who don’t matter drop and the focus falls on the ones that do.

       Because those who matter, mind not.

     So friends, do not focus on the fall. Like the rock climber creed: don’t look down. Get to the top of the mountain before climbing down to share your stories.

Act to thrive gentlemen,

Jackson King


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