The Oliphant Quest Day 1

Hello Readers!

In an effort to be a better person and to make something that I can look back on instead of drinking I’ve decided to restart this blog and post a daily recount of my activity and progress towards goals for the future. It’s going to be messy some days and absolutely useless for other days but an attempt to create something worthwhile often results in such a product.

I am taking all my inspiration from Victor Pride. Mike Cernovich. And the great Alan Watts. The people that changed the world with their ideas and lived completely separate lives and created something beautiful for themselves from the same situation I am in.

So this is a 90-day quest with all of the things I want to do and all of the things which I hope to accomplish nowhere else but in my head. I can think of no truly better time in my life than when I was blogging, working on some self-improvement, and grinding it out each and every day to create something amazing. The world is amazing if I allow it to be.

The first step today is about replacing Aspirations with Ambition. My ambition led me down a deep dark and downward path. It led me to try to accumulate money, buy fast cars, buy more houses, have more girls, planning out flights around the world that just scared me and getting nothing done.

Ambition means to have more stuff.

Aspiration means to be more. To be a better person of use to yourself and the world around you. To have more humility and be more humble. To realize that more shit won’t make me happy, being a better person will.

That it for now team, keep fighting the good fight and I hope to see you all soon.

Act to Thrive,

Jackson King

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