Oliphant Quest Day 3: Schedule

The battery life on this Macbook is supposed to suck, the website said 10 hours but it’s only going for 6. A return would mean less money and a huge hole in my heart. The words of my sister echo in this instance: “A poor workman blames his tools”. Bitch this is reality. The point still remains: I can work around this bullshit of a limitation.

Wake up at 7AM

Spent a good 30 minutes planning out my day. Probably going to bullshit a lot of this article but we’ll see about that.

I wrote out the grocery shopping list. It looks bangin’. Gonna make some low carb chilli. Chicken and chickpeas curry, And have some tune on layaway. Total $80.


Decided to go to the mall and buy some groceries. Decided just to buy the chicken and a spiralizer. Low carb chicken pho next week for dinners! What what. Fuck the chickpeas for now, that journey will be for another day. Still making the chili, and have bulk tuna on layaway. It only cost me $50. Let’s see what other gucci¬†shiznich I can come up with.


Came back home to get some medical school tutoring from moms. She’s a beast and I am so grateful for her in my life. She has been there by my side since the beginning and I owe her everything. Once I asked her “What makes life worth it for you?”. She replied “Seeing my kids get their medical degrees.”.

Legit that is her reason for life y’all. Makes me question whether I have the capacity to do that for another living being you know? How can my full purpose for life be entangled in the actions of another? I say that now, but I have a strange feeling I am going to change my opinions a million times before I stick to one thing.


Instead of going to the cultural fest which is taking place across the street from me I decided to stay in and do some ECGs. Did 50 before I was fatigued and started writing some more of the blog post for today. Honestly, a good way to clear my head, discuss some ideas and progress on with my life. I am trying to come up with a way to make it more fun for y’all to follow along. Make it interactive or some shit. I’ll figure it out though.

But yo, the high from doing the ECG’s and studying and shit is INTENSE. Like better than anything I’ve Ever Experienced before. OK so I was having a conversation with my buddy Ben a few days ago about the StartUp weekend which came to Townsville. I remember that weekend like it was yesterday and I remember winning so intensely that the echoes of that victory still reverberate within me to this day. The high of that win lasted 2 whole days. the come down lasted weeks man. And so much cool shit happened that weekend that I still continue to say that it was the best weekend of my entire life. Legit. And no matter what my drug history is, all the shit that I have tried, the pills I’ve popped, the near death experiences I’ve had. No high has ever compared to that one. Well, there was one moment with my Grandma that makes me feel warm and toasty inside but that is completely different. That is a high worth chasing, even if it takes years to get to it. Years of grinding, years of hard work, years of sacrifice, for an obscene high that transforms your very being and form you anew. Sculpting life into you through the hand of death, destruction, and sacrifice.

I’m not planning on doing much else for the rest of today, but I wish all of you the best in your adventure. Comment what your going through down below and I’ll add it in.

Yours truly,

Jackson King

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