Oliphant Quest Day 6: The Leap of Faith

So in watching two of the most life changing videos overnight I have come to a point where I decided to take a massive leap of faith in this entire journey. A sort of reckless abandon and giving in to the truth and reality. And through this all I come to a realization and a recognition of true beauty on this journey through truth and the world at large.

This is the exact same path that the monks took to develop their insane discipline and are able to do the amazing things we hear about them doing day by day by day.

So let’s see if this is the part of the 90 day journey where all the things truly turn around for me.

So today was an interesting day of decisions to say the least. I woke up late. I missed my morning lecture. Then I went to the hospital to do some work and got a bit of work done. Saw 2 patients. Came home and ate some KFC. Watched a few more videos. Wrote an assignment which ended up being useless because I forgot to get one piece of information which is going to be impossible to achieve at this point and now I have to start over or pray that someone wrote down something that would only help me. FUCKKK (but a beautiful fuck, not the shitty kind, and I mean the adjective not the verb)

So now, what do I want to do for the rest of my life? Where am I heading. The truth is that the mind has no clue but divine intelligence and the infinite is all inclusive and spans across all of time, so it isn’t a question of where I am heading but rather how awesome is this shit going to be?

What crazy antics am I going to get up to?

Am I really going to quit drinking?

Will I ever truly allow myself to feel truly sad again?

Where am I going to end up next?

Lets do this shit to the max, you know?

Live it up and never look back. Whatever happens happens and life goes on. The beauty in the experience is the experience itself. It doesn’t even matter what it is. Words are so limiting but the magic spans across centuries. Words create ideas, and ideas never die. Nothing truly dies when brought into the world. And the world is all within itself completely.

Welcome to my journey, lets do this.

The Oliphant has awakened.

Yours truly,

Jackson King

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