Our Purpose And Its Meaninglessness

So today I came to a deep profound realization before an assessment of sorts. It’s surprising what a bit of adrenaline will help you to realize.

So for the past day I have been playing around with the idea that we have a purpose, and although life is cyclical and we will all end in a massive ball of fire sooner or later, we have a purpose to play in the continuum of time and existence.

So this leaves me with the idea that although we have a purpose and we live our lives with emotions and have these insane experiences which shape us and who we are we are all truly on contributing to the vast and purposeless cycles of the universe which we have the fortune of inhabiting. We are who we are and we will expereince what we need and have to experience but in the end it is all meaningless.

And in the pursuit of our purpose which is the inevitable and the efforts which we will all make day by day we can find peace. find peace that each of us is fulfilling a role in the giant videogame. And that in the end we are only performing our role.

The emotions are all about the experience. The drive is all about the experience and we are all feeling how we are supposed to be feeling at all times.

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