The Peacocks Tale: Doing What I Love

This is going to be deep.

Life has a funny way of showing you-you’re not at all along the path you’re meant to be on. The clues will be there but there won’t be the big sign you’re waiting for. Instead, it’ll be the gentle nudge in the right direction that feels right but you know is wrong. It’s going to come as the night you wake up at 2 AM drive out to the ocean and watch the waves come in for hours.

It’s the moments in the airplane where you look around and realize that there are a lot of people in the world. They are all pursuing their own shit, they are all after their own goals and their own dreams. Literally, everyone is looking searching and quitting for something you’ve found magically at 23. The keys to the universe fall from the heavens into your hand and magically you’ll know that it was all for a purpose. None of it, absolutely none of it was for naught.

Not the ice age, not the dinosaurs, not Hitler, not communism, not feminists, not even Trump was for naught. It all fits. The puzzle makes sense. And the puzzle is beautiful. And fortunately, it’s all OK. The alien wars, government secrets, who really killed JFK, that fact that Michael Jacksons is dead, it’s all honestly OK. Peace and ecstasy come to us all.

There is a heaven after we die. There is a heaven now. In fact, you are it! You are it in its entirety. The life you seek is all that is before you. And the moment when people fail to see this disappoints me greatly. They fall into negative thinking and that allows them to fall into drink and drugs and compulsively trying to restrain themselves from the true pleasures of the world: pussy, money, and LSD. HAHAAHAH

You fuckers thought I was onto something. But really not. It’s all a fucking game on this side, man. I don’t even know if this is the side you really want to be on. I don’t even know if this is the side that is really worth it to be on. All I know is that peace is a rocking game, but having something to care about can be fun too.

Here is the saddest truth you’ll ever hear, that you likely already know but are failing to accept: if there are winners in this world, there have to be losers. The losers won’t always be human but they will always be there. If we want the entirety of the future to be winners we have to be the losers. But no-one is going to go the road consciously… We won’t lose, just so the future can win. Destruction, death, and poverty are all within our nature. We are human beings, not Gods! But, that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Because even the Gods are jealous.

So anyways I am here on the platform towards my next life and I know the exact persona I will take on.

Chapter 1: The Peacocks Tale.

Thank you for your consideration,

Yours truly,

Jackson King

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