The Reality Shock of Elon Musks Second TED Talk.

Elon Musk is a man on a mission to change the world, and the greatest part of the entire persona happens really late into his most recent TED interview. It is when he is talking about how technology will regress if people do not spend their time and efforts into improving it. It is the failure of man or any species to degenerate and regress. We must survive and thrive to make the world a better place.

It takes significant effort to improve the planet, especially when things have been moving in the same direction for centuries. Especially when people have no incentive to improve the lives of others. Especially when there is no incentive to hustle. We need not only to hustle but to hustle towards greatness. Towards a vision for how the future should be. We need to set our sights big.

My purpose is to inspire others through the application of art to business and science. The inspiration aspect is why Mr.Musk is working so hard towards a future he is excited about. He wants to inspire the next generation to create something amazing.

If you focus on enacting actual change in the world, and you have a big goal and you pursue it realistically, then all the “bad habits” will naturally fall to the wayside. You won’t be worried about not having sex because you wont be focused on anything but making your dreams a reality. An addiction to marijuana is minuscule when compared to taking the necessary steps to inspire the next generation of children. Don’t worry about fixing the small stuff now, pursue your truth and act according to it and you’ll find that none of that stuff really matters.

Find out what your goal and what your purpose is. Then act towards it, and learn the skills to thrive in that pursuit. Then the small and petty shit you are worrying about won’t even matter.

To be continued and edited,

Jackson King

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