Removing the Bottle Opener from my Keychain

Flashback: Rural placement in Mareeba. The group of us is getting pizza and a few friends return from the bottle shop down the road.

“I told you the caps don’t twist off, no one has an opener”

“I got one on my keychain”

“I told you someone would have one”

“Ah, shit nevermind. Completely forgot I took it off”

“All good, just ask the restaurant”

And today I have 2 keys and 3 keychains on my key ring. One for my Nissan Pulsar. One fob which allows me to access my room, as well as all of the brilliant facilities on college. A metal Gaudi iguana from Barcelona where I spent 2 weeks of my senior year sprawling across Europe with 7 girls experiencing what life is truly like. A glass heart to remind me of the family whom I am working so hard for, and a Coors bottle opener.

The bottle opener was added to my repertoire after it was awarded to me as the incentive to purchase a 6 pack of, you guessed it, Coors beer. I have never bought the beer again but to their advantage, my keychain remains a free billboard for their products. And although it had found its way on and off my keyring multiple times I have never had a reason to permanently keep nor remove it from my collection. Until now.

Amidst a discussion with my mom, I realized a motivator to stay away from boozing which will inhibit me from drinking in front of my family: I know too many of their secrets. The subtleties which no one talks about have a world of tales behind them. And none of them can everĀ be exposed or else I have to riskĀ ruining a miracle. “Just don’t fuck it up”.

Through this I know I am a vessel which holds many of the joys experienced by those I care about most. Whether it is seen as a burden or as a tool is my decision, and I choose to see it as a tool to achieve more and grow the empire.

So I come to my decision to tear the bottle opener off my keychain. Leave it in a common area. And if all else fails, ask the restaurant if we can borrow theirs.

Thinking of you always,

Jackson King


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