Surrender into Who you are with Dr. Strange

This is a life changing movie filled with many important realizations that I started taking out my phone in the middle of the theater and writing down each realization and insight as it happened. This one is a realization which can help out all the soul seekers from anywhere. It is about true surrender into who you are.

Who we are and who we are meant to be are never at the same level. Whether you are an insight junkie looking for your next fix or a regular guy trying to improve his life and live better, we are at the constant mercy of who we want to be. That guy dictates where we go, what we do, who we talk to, what foods we eat (whether we eat to numb a pain or to improve out well being), and almost everything else.

And at his mercy, we often lose sight of the beauty of the present moment. The awesomeness which is who we are right now. And as a result we have no idea of how awesome we truly are. Here’s a secret:

“It took just as much work to get to where you are as it will take to get to where you want to be.”

The only difficulty is in going against the grain of society and avoiding temptation. This entire topic can be somewhat circumvented through the act of surrender. Here are the steps which I have come up with to lead you there:

  1. Believe in yourself. We are often at a standstill in our lives or we just quit because we do not believe in ourselves. Oftentimes we just think that we can’t be fit, or we can’t talk to the beautiful girl or handsome man because of who we are or previous experience. We refuse to believe in ourselves because we have let ourselves down in the past. But I am telling you that if you believe in yourself, you may turn to the bottle or turn to junk food but it wont last long. Believe that you are meant for greatness.
  2. Surrender into who you are. You are great. You are millions of years of evolution in the flesh. Your ancestors fought tooth and nail or grew rice for 360 days a year to survive, and they resulted in you. Your body converts food into muscle on a daily basis. You have the power to transform within you. You are capable of the infinite. Surrender into that, surrender into how awesome you are.
  3. Give yourself time. The beauty of who you are is that you do not fit into a moment in time. You are forever and always will be. Time is a way for your mind to perceive the current reality, it’s all it can do. Now just work to give your mind the time it needs to transform. After all, it is all an illusion anyways.

It is honestly the same amount of work to get to where you are to get to where you want to be, the only problem is that you want to fit in. And the problem with fitting in is that the standards with which to fit were made by other people. It wasn’t made for you. So fighting that is the battle, getting to where you want to be isn’t.

You simply have to surrender.

Act to Thrive,

Jackson King

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