The Exploitation of This Idea.

In 2006 I sat down after watching one of KevJumba’s videos and wrote down a list of ideas for a Youtube channel. Among them was recording a video every day for a week, month, then (possibly) a year. It seemed far fetched so I decided to abandon the idea in favour of playing more Runescape to be a level 36 while everyone else was at a level 18.

Looking at ShayCarl now I know I could have grown to his size and my life would be completely different if I had pursued that goal. If I took my idea and went after it 100%, even 20%.

Over a few weeks as I have done Vlogmas for 2016 I have had a new idea which I refuse to go to waste the like I did in 2006. I am putting it on the line for all to enjoy and for everyone to know. This is through writing a blog post/story every day for the entire year,  doing an entire life transformation.

That’s right, entire life transformation, in the span of 1 year.

People do body transformations over 90 days and put it up, some people record their transformation over 1 year or even 5 years and put it up online. I am doing a blog post to put something up for people to look at and see the entire life change which can happen.

The life philosophy which can be accepted if you simply BELIEVE it can happen. If you sit in the arena and believe that if you push hard enough, and surround yourself with the right people anything is possible.

There will be 1,000,000s of people which will sit on their high horse and tell you otherwise constantly. There will be people that look at you and think you’re full of shit. There will be people which constantly tell you it’s impossible but those people never did anything. And what those people say doesn’t matter.

We can’t listen to the opinions of the weak if we want to be strong. We can’t listen to the opinions of the usual if we want to do the impossible.

As always, act to thrive gentlemen,

-Jackson King

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