They’ve Hijacked Nature

I’ve been listening to a bit to Ton Leykis’s radio show recently and I came across this interesting conversation:

“Let me just say something to all your little boys out there alright? Look deep in your hearts and see what you truly value. See if you really really want nothing but to get laid. If you do then Tom Leykis might be your man”

I had to pause the video at this point because I really had to think about it. Do I really want a life of never having kids, and moving around from woman to woman? What does my heart say? And I looked inside myself and I saw my love of children and love for the child I have on the way, I saw beauty and elegance and excellence in the eyes of a newborn, I saw family and how much I value that, and I said hmm.. maybe this isn’t for me. Life might be a bit more than every individual accomplishing his or her own goals and might be more about finding peace and being happy.

Then Tom Leykis responded in the greatest way possible,” And boys how about instead of looking into your heart how about you look into your crotch”. FUCKKKK. So then I looked into my crotch. That little man just wanted to produce and preserve energy. He was at a constant go go go sort of mood. A realization mentality. A progress set-up. And this part of my body felt more human. Felt more REAL, more rooted in myself. A true testament to who I was. He was more me than my heart.

Then I looked back into my heart chakra. The center of love and acceptance right? But I dug a lot deeper. It wasn’t about family or love, it was about nature. It was about being a part of the planet and keeping in tune with the natural ebb and flow of the universe. It was green, not red.

At that point I realized something: Love isn’t a purely human emotion. As put by Donald Draper:

It was created by ad men to sell pantyhose. True love is based on nature. It’s about having children and the joy of procreation, yes. But it has little to do with courting, dating, living together, and signing contracts. At its core love is nature that man has tried to control, bottle, and sell. And what happens when we try to control nature? Bad shit.

So from now on, I am going by my balls. The natural drive of any man. And allowing nature to take its course.

Act to Thrive,

Jackson King.

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