Things I want to do in life

The importance of all this is to be specific. Then break down your goals into 3 monthly objectives. Then develop the objectives into daily habits you can build and complete.


  1. Build a business
  2. Earn 15 million dollars
  3. Learn to code an app that gets 1 million downloads
  4. Complete a Spartan Race
  5. Hold a 30 minute conversation with a native speaking person of: french, spanish, italian, tamil, and mandarin
  6. be able to complete all of these yoga poses.
  7. Create a Youtube channel with 300K subscribers
  8. Earn 100K-200K per year from Youtube
  9. Pass out of medical school
  10. Have a group od 4-6 friends that would loan me 40K without questions

That will be all for now, anything else is amidst the development.

Welcome to the thrive,

Jackson King.