This blog was never meant to be a blog trying to share my ideas and to teach something to the people who chose to read it. I never realized that. I wrote it and edited it and changed its direction so many times, trying to make it fit into the mold which is to make money and to be a “blogger”. I wanted to be a blogger so bad, that I spent years trying to make the design so perfect that people would want to read it and enjoy themselves. I edited an obscene amount of pictures and titles and tried my very hardest to make something of myself. But I never really understood why I started this blog for until now.

It is a record. It is the ideas and thoughts which enter my mind on my quest for greatness and for the greatest that the world has to offer.

It is a recording. Nothing more and nothing less.

It was never meant to be read until the day I die. When the world is waiting to see what I do next. They are going to shift through the old records of existence and find WordPress and find what I have written on these pages and read them aloud. We are the future’s past.

This is a journal. This is any weird and thoughtless ideas I have every day as I continue towards my goal and towards making my vision a reality. Towards making my purpose a reality. And if you benefit from it, I applaud you. NiceGuyThrive is an enigma. As Jackson King is. As I am. The brand has the sole purpose of inspiring those that read it. And all designs therein are for that one and only purpose. How far I go with it is dependent on what is available and what I want.

I have a rough plan, but I have a crystal clear vision. The future is coming.

Be ready.

Act to Thrive,

Jackson King.