Time to Re-update my Shit! CEO is not for me.

I realized something that has to do with who I want to be in the future. It has nothing to do with business or entrepreneurship or making a business or pulling in the dough. It has a lot more to do with strength, integrity, and taking the raw experience of 22 years into the tale which is forming my reality. This is why I resigned from being CEO.

Fuck being my own boss. Fuck ruling the world. I just want to create.

I am an artist, not an entrepreneur. It’s written all over my Instagram.¬†¬†That is a major mindset shift which has made me a lot lighter. And that is 99% because I gave up. I am independent of outcome. I am free from the enterprise. And I am free enough to see that my role and purpose in this world is as a creator. As a manipulator of people’s reality. Whether that be through my very own social interactions but also mainly through the manipulation and improvement of myself. To a level where the world falls at my feet and where society melts in my hands.

That is the role I wish to play.

As a leader, I can get shit done. I plan, I strategize and I organize. I push ideas through and I possess inherent value and that only increases every day. I am a fucking enigma.

But the CEO position, the position as the ruler of a country is a social position. It is a position of moving things around, teaching people, and a lot of people pleasing. It has nothing, or very little, to do with creation in the way I love it.

My drive and passion are to take the world and create something beautiful out of it. Whether that be through word, paint, or clay. My goals are solely around art and creation. Not socializing.

But I have yet to relieve myself of this drive. I do not seek to drop it off just yet. So I am here. Seeking an artistic way to social.

Back to the Gram.

Act to Thrive,

Jackson King.

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