To the Only Person Reading This

I have been rejecting a great call in my life for the longest time. The call to adventure, where there is something telling me to go to the darkest and most amazing parts of myself.  Instead, I have been sitting in my room waiting for the motivation to come to me to do some studying. So I come to a question I have asked myself a million times before: what would make life worth it for me? (Warning: this is an exploration into the realm of how men really think, if you are blissfully unaware of the true intentions of men then I’d say don’t read on, but who am I to stop you?)

  1. A business which takes advantage of my artistic skill and something I can run 4 hour workweek style. I will then use the money to:
    1. own an awesome car as a daily driver (Tesla)
    2. One meal at a restaurant per week
    3. decent basement apartment or condo which I own in its entirety
  2. Passing through the current educational ringer I am in, to filter out all the fucked up things about life that high school has convinced me are true.
  3. A body which looks as if it was carved by a sculptor. And achieving this through various efforts in lifestyle modification, making fitness fun, and burning calories after hours.
  4. Women. A Lot of women. The goal is to find women of quality and create synergistic relationships.
  5. Have the time and inclination to learn multiple languages
  6. Saving up for the European villa and a 2-3 year retreat into nothingness.
  7. Learning about startups if the prodigal son ever chooses to return

Earning all of the above things would make life in its entirety “worth it” for me. Where did I get these goals from? I have no clue, I could probably list a few movies and stuff but that has nothing to do with this. It may all be part of a greater purpose which the God within has in store. This is an answer to the call: if you can provide all of that, I am on board.

This is an answer to the call: if you can provide all of that, I am on board.

Peace and Love,

Jackson King.

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