Tweedledums from Tree to Tree

How do you fly, young flightless bird? The grass lifting you up off your feet. The moments in time flowing through you to a thicker and thicker ascension. The water kissing your heart into reality and pushing magic out of your voice? Engulfing the world and making reality more real.

Textbooks strewn all over my floor and connecting joyfully to reality is the last true remnant of a state of peace in the 21st century.

The taught facts of the insides and the taught facts of the outsides only bring me to a greater insight into the future for a writer like me. A social plethora of anguish in a constructive space of destruction. Oxymorons: what beautiful things.

Pass the year, all in the clear. Engulf the magic situation, in the moment, to let life fall apart at the seams, and the world immediately stands at your feet. A gentle reminder was all that was needed. Dragons roar and their scales glimmer in and out of the skies overhead.

A towel draped over me, I feel like a wolf from the ice or a cat from the sands. Once again, the analogy of the universe standing at my feet becomes real.

My focus is singular. To be best that ever was.

Nothing else has ever mattered.

Act to Thrive,

Jackson King

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