Welcome to NiceGuyThrive.

I initially started this endeavor without a true goal or purpose in mind.  I wanted to go into this blog to get one step closer to financial freedom. Create a following, garnering attention, and then selling it all for ads or product placement. Be financially successful through providing my opinion and lessons to all that would listen. That was the dream for a short while.

Now I stand here and I want a change of sorts. Money is a luxury that my soul can’t afford. If I gain too much I spend it. If I earn too much I flaunt it. The lure of money is too strong of a fight for me to do it alone. And I know I can’t do this for money. It is like saving up for a sword without a hilt. So it would just be a blade. Cutting deep into me. Money can’t be my motivation.

So I choose to write and create for someone special in my life, the people that need it. Write because of love.

So I welcome you to NiceGuyThrive. To this amalgamation of art, business, and science. The trinity of the human intellect.

This blog is about real writing from a person on the other side of the screen, not a storyteller. This is about videos that share a real person perspective, not a fabricated bundle of emotions and lies. Not fake happiness to please an audience. This is about the true struggles of being human. A shared experience for us all. A story that we can all take part in.

I am just a person on the other side of the screen that wants to share the experience of life with you. To connect in a world that is wildly disconnected. To make life beautiful bit by bit.

I am an artist and a creator in the oddest sense of the word. I will do anything artistic and I do not dream of making my impact through an intense focus on one area. I dream of making my impact through changing the way we do things completely. Through the application of art to business and science. Through a revolution of the soul. A revolution that can not be stopped with guns and the media. With voices so loud, our words will echo for eternity.

These videos are for you. To show you that life is worth living and that we are all beautiful. The future includes us all, and we are all included. Welcome.

Kindest Regards,

Jackson King

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