Welcome to The Game

I have always felt that this life is a sort of game. While my dad was teaching me organic chemistry and the interactions between molecules to create fires of different colors I had my head on the table sideways and was blowing a piece of paper. Watching it dance with each expulsion of air. My fathers laughing brought me back down to life. Brought me back into my body. And I began to focus again on the exams coming up and all the assignments I have to do.

When you begin to see the world for what it truly is and you see the planet and everyone on it as yourself, life becomes more of a game than anything. An interaction with yourself. A video game.

Which is what the pickup guys are trying to set up. A game. Make people a game and amuse yourself. Be unattached and most of all ENJOY yourself. This is what life is all about. We can bring each other up. We can inspire others. We can make the world one of the greatest places ever. That is what religion is all about. Bringing us together. Making us to realize that when we aren’t apart we are eternal. We are etereal. We are perfection personified.

So take the world as a game. See the planet as an experience. Find out what you truly are. And keep the flow moving.

As always, act to Thrive,

Jackson King

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