There will Always be a Group that Loves You.

This post is a little reassurance for those going through a troubling time.

Hello, Readers!

Before we start this exposition of grandness and antiquity I would like to for you to go through this vlog video by Andy Milonakis

This dude looks like a 14-16-year-old and is talking and flirting with women of all ages and levels of sexiness! He is a┬áman’s, man. A dude that doesn’t care! How cool would it be to be this guy? I bet it would be legendary!

But I know a few guys that look like this guy. They look exactly like him, but they aren’t as confident, they aren’t as cool, and they aren’t as funny. To be honest they probably don’t get laid as much either ­čśŤ So what’s going on?

Before I answer that, and I promise I will, I want to talk about what he doesn’t do. And this part is just to push away all those social situation analysts that will come up with a million things to do (most of which aren’t worth the time). Push away all of those PUA guys or self-development gurus which are going to say you need to stand a certain way, look a certain way, and use certain phrases or rearrange your sentences to change your frame to become him. Because I can say he doesn’t always make eye contact. He is also very aware of his shortcomings and flaunts them, but he hides them at the same time (wearing a shirt at the beach, using thick glasses and other jewelry to distract from his face fat, among other contradictions to common technique). He doesn’t follow any rules, and he doesn’t use social techniques to fake his way to the top. So how can you be like him?

This guy is following his passion. That is the difference. There is no difference in tone, no difference in the way he stands or the way he approaches women. It is all in his passion for food, and for making people laugh and have a good time. He follows his passion and the women that are into that end up finding him. The hot girls in the video? They love the guy that makes them laugh and can cook up a mean meal. They love the guy that can afford a nice and get stopped in the street by his fans. The friends and the crowd that surrounds him are the cool people that like that kind of guy in their lives. Now, will that hot girl sitting beside you in your lectures want that guy? Maybe, it’s entirely her decision, but that does not mean you should try and be him because he “gets all the girls”. WRONG. He gets┬áthose girls. Don’t go after that girl. Go after the right girls. And to go after the right girls, you have to go after your passions.

If you are lonely┬áand scared and sitting by yourself in your room working away on a computer writing a new blog post about an idea you just had, don’t fret. This is the true reality of you situation and more often than not the right people find you. There are enough people on the planet and our world is so interconnected that you can find the people that are into you. And more likely than not, they will be your type. Find solace in the fact that there are people out there that will always love you.

Act to Thrive Gentlemen,

Jackson King.

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