Writing in the Retrospective: a Pre-mortem for 2017

For what a pre mortem is check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdA_8xjFcqc&t=294s

The festivities begin again, the family coming in from all over and once again the cousins gather in my room to begin our festivities and learn to experience and enjoy life before the beginning of another year. Looking back a lot happene this year and it was a total disaster.

  • I failed fourth year.
  • I gained an extra 20 kg of pure fat
  • My business crashed and burned and I spent $100k instead of earning 100k.

All of my goals fell to nothingness.

It all began when I decided to put the studies for fourth year off. I knew I had to make new friends so I put more effort into social activities instead of into learning what I had failed to learn last year. I didn’t make a group to practice with and as a result couldnt focus my examinations as well as I would have liked to. I renewed my Netflix subscription and spent my time watching that and drinking instead of studying

My diet and workout program fell apart as soon as I got to Australia. I began to eat excessively and didnt pre plan or pack any meals at all. I ate out at the hospital and in the city as much as possible. The drinking failed to stop and I began to jerk off again because I stayed in my room constantly.

My business crashed and burned because I kept spending money I didnt have on things I didnt need and began to hire excessively when I should have been doing most of the things on my own. I went from business idea to business idea, making instagram page after instagram page, putting work in but never in a large enough quantity to every get anything significant done. I wasn’t consistent and that is what killed the business goals.

Overall a horrible year. In addition to that I spent most of the year wondering about the past instead of acting for the future. I pondered my shortcomings previously even though they have no impact on who I am now. After enough of that I gave up, because who wouldn’t right? I mean most people would give up at that point and most people wouldn’t be successful either. I decided to settle for mediocrity because it was easier. I also never put anything which I learned into practice, I just read and read and continued to accumulate information. Never putting any of my money to work.

I spent almost $7000 on skills and talents which I will never use again.

So looking at the pre-mortem I can find some ways to prevent what would happen in the position where I fail at all my goals miserably.

How I can prevent this is coming in the next post tomorrow.

Act to Thrive,

Jackson King.


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